Größtes PV-Kraftwerk der Welt am Netz

NRG Energy und Mid American stellen 290-MW-Solarkraftwerk in Arizona fertig

Solarpark Agua Caliente – Yuma County – Foto © Firstsolar

„Agua Caliente“ (heißes Wasser) heißt das größte Solarkraftwerk der Welt. Es ging eben in Yuma County im amerikanischen Bundesstaat Arizona mit einer Leistung von 290 Megawatt ans Netz. Eigentümer sind die NRG Energy Inc. und die Mid American Energy Holdings Co. der Berkshire Hathaway Holding des US-Milliardärs Warren Buffet.

Buffett füge soeben seinem Firmenimperium ein neues Unternehmen hinzu: Für 2,1 Milliarden Euro kaufte er den Stromnetzbetreiber AltaLink aus der kanadischen Provinz Alberta, der drei Millionen Menschen mitversorgt. Das Buffett-Unternehmen hatte im vergangenen Jahr noch unter seinem alten Namen MidAmerican Energy den größten Energieversorger von Nevada für 5,6 Milliarden US-Dollar übernommen, der unter anderem das Spielerparadies Las Vegas mit Strom beliefert.

Laut Angaben des Modulherstellers First Solar können mit dem erwarteten Stromertrag rund 230.000 Haushalte versorgt werden. First Solar veröffentlichte im Juli 2012 schon den Netzanschluss von seinerzeit 250 MW. Das Unternehmen wird das Kraftwerk im Auftrag von NRG und Mid American betreiben und betreuen. Abnehmer des Stroms ist für 25 Jahre das Energieversorgungsunternehmen Pacific Gas & Electric Company. Während der dreijährigen Bauzeit sind laut NRG vierhundert lokale Arbeitsplätze geschaffen worden.

SMA lieferte 400 Wechselrichter für Agua Caliente

Die US-Tochter des deutschen Wechselrichter-Produzenten SMA Solar Technolgy AG, SMA America, hat das größte Photovoltaik-Kraftwerk der Erde mit Wechselrichtern versorgt. Von SMA kamen mehr als 400 Wechselrichter des Typs SMA Sunny Central 720CP zum Einsatz.

Panel-Montage von Agua Caliente – Foto © First Solar

Originalmeldung: 290 megawatt project in Arizona provides clean, renewable energy to Pacific Gas & Electric customers

CARLSBAD, Calif. & PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apr. 29, 2014– NRG Energy, Inc. (NYSE:NRG), through its wholly-owned subsidiary NRG Solar, along with partner MidAmerican Solar announced they have achieved substantial completion at their Agua Caliente Solar Photovoltaic Facility, a 290 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic facility located on 2,400 acres of land between Yuma and Phoenix, Ariz. The electricity that is generated by the station, which can support 230,000 homes at peak capacity, is being sold to Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) under a 25-year power purchase agreement.

“Large-scale utility accomplishments, like our Agua Caliente project, raise the bar in terms of our clean-energy technology and production,” said Tom Doyle, president, NRG Solar. “Proving that we can build both the world’s largest solar thermal and now one of the world’s largest solar photovoltaic facilities advance NRG’s mission to reshape the energy landscape that is incredibly beneficial to both the economy and in how we produce and consume energy. Whether it’s partnering, developing or investing, NRG will lead the way in providing a diverse set of solutions and technologies to get the US to the ultimate goal of providing affordable, reliable clean energy for everyone.”

The Agua Caliente project uses clean solar power to avoid the annual emission of approximately 324,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is the equivalent of taking nearly 70,000 cars off the road. The creation of 400 jobs during the project’s construction provided a boost to the local economy and it benefits the environment by producing clean, renewable energy. The project received a $967 million loan guarantee from the US Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office.

“In 2012, our company made a commitment to invest in its first utility-scale solar project to foster economic development while demonstrating our commitment to the environment,” said Richard Weech, chief financial officer, MidAmerican Renewables, who also oversees the activities of MidAmerican Solar. “It is exciting to see this project become fully operational and begin to realize the full benefit of emissions savings with the clean energy generated at Agua Caliente.”

The Agua Caliente Solar Project was named Solar Project of the Year by Renewable Energy World, a leading industry magazine, and PV Project of the Year by Solar Power Generation USA, the industry’s leading utility-scale solar power conference.

Agua Caliente is the largest of 10 operational utility-scale solar PV facilities in three states in which NRG has ownership interest. Agua Caliente is also one of several NRG assets that are subject to a Right of First Offer Agreement between NRG and its publicly owned subsidiary, NRG Yield, Inc. (NYSE: NYLD). First Solar, Inc. designed and constructed the project using its advanced thin-film photovoltaic modules and will operate and maintain the facility for NRG and MidAmerican Solar.

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About MidAmerican Renewables and MidAmerican Solar

MidAmerican Renewables, LLC owns and operates wind, geothermal, solar and hydro projects in the unregulated renewables market. MidAmerican Renewables is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, and has offices in Phoenix, Ariz., and Calipatria, Calif. Information about MidAmerican Renewables is available on the company’s website and its Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages, which can be accessed via

MidAmerican Solar is a subsidiary of MidAmerican Renewables and is headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz. MidAmerican Solar’s projects include the 550-megawattTopaz Solar Farms in San Luis Obispo County, Calif.; the 579-megawatt Solar Star projects, two projects co-located in Kern and Los Angeles counties in California; and the 290-megawatt Agua Caliente project in Yuma County, Ariz. More information is available at